TraceBase has wide ranging capability. Whether the client wants quality data for agriculture or the resources sector, the software is capable of organizing and interpreting ICP-MS and ICP-AES data. Our software calibrates and analyses organic and inorganic substances, storing the results in a data warehouse with a connected Geo-database for GIS analysis.

Samples are used to sequence and categorize the distinct patterns of trace elements. With every dataset that is entered into the system, we exponentially increase our knowledge base of elemental classification for a specific product and location as the number of samples grow. There's no other program in existence that performs this function.

A plant, animal or mineral has a distinct elemental concentration relative to its location. Plants that are grown in a location or mineralized ore bodies will absorb trace elements that are very specific to its location.

Animals will consume food and water with a specific elemental concentration, some of which will be absorbed by the animal. By analyzing an organic or inorganic sample, looking for these unique characteristics, we can accurately verify the origin of that sample.

Our software identifies trace elements in parts per million/billion. The analysis provides a unique, elemental concentration classified against a set of existing samples that can not be forged. Our software will help protect producers from food substitution and provide confidence in the supply chain for which clients have paid a premium.

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