InterpreData Traceability Software

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Protect your Brand

You can help reduce food fraud in Australia by establishing a unique chemical fingerprint for your products.

The $50 billion food fraud scam putting Australia's iconic brands at risk

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Protect your Industry

You can protect your industry from collapse by chemically identifying each members' produce. This will enable you to accurately and quickly pinpoint a farm or region stopping industry wide collapse.

Prevent industry collapse due to delayed source identification

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Powerful Machine Learning Technology will allow industry associations to trace a product to a producer. In addition our software can detect a range of heath and productivity related issues.

Introducing TraceBase™

TraceBase™ can help with brand protection and recall security with very quick turn around time.

Our software adds a unique, irrefutable provenance layer in the quest for traceability of food and products.

Agriculture industry associations can now provide traceability services to their members.

Rapid Traceability

Accelerated Traceback Vertification

Global Traceability

Plants and animals absorb trace elements that are unique to the environment they live in. All food and water contains trace elements. The concentrations are very small and are measured in parts per billion and even parts per trillion.

Chemical fingerprinting is identifying the unique concentrations of trace elements in food and other products.

By Grouping similar products we can employ advanced machine learning technology to rapidly link unknown produce to a group.

Traceability Grants Program - TraceBase DNA for Timber

InterpreData has passed the second round for project applicants in the space of Traceability Grants, specifying the development of software used to store, process and identify DNA data for timber. Click to read more.